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Planning Activities and Lending Programme
UDF objectives are strengthening its support to contribute to the work of ECOSOC in implementing the MDGs for human security and sustainable local development projects. As well as to contribute to increase public awareness, and resource mobilizations to support the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through the tools that will be developed on key areas of work of the United Nations, such as poverty alleviation and sustainable development projects.

Operations aim to:
Improve nutrition and quality of life of world's most vulnerable people at critical times in their lives. Enable development by (a) helping people build assets that benefit them directly; (b) promoting the self-reliance of poor people and communities.

Our sustainable development projects enable communities to achieve a better quality of life and escape the spiral of poverty. Impacts of our work include significant improvements and results of projects are classified as follows:

1st field Support the New Millennium Development Goals To respond to Emergency Disaster
2nd field Supporting the Nations NGO to implement the MDG’s by the end of 2015
3rd field
  • Identification of groups with bad nutritional habits and subsequent adoption of adequate nutritional habits
  • Inform target group on connection between nutrition and health, Increase in quality in personal hygiene
  • Consumption of clean drinking water
  • Lower HIV/AIDS infection rates
  • More voluntary HIV/AIDS testing
  • Increased use of condoms
  • Creation of educational partnerships on AIDS
  • Housing to local communities
  • Hospital free Treatments Local Communities

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