Center for World Growth Companies

The Universal Development Foundation is on the verge of formation of a Community of World Growth Companies (WGC) shortly from August 2011 to engage dynamic high-growth companies having potential to emerge as industrial tycoons of the future and thereafter also emerge driving force of economic and social change on the global industrial map.

The meeting of the members of the community of World Growth Companies (WGC) shall be convened annually every year to select five members for being designated every year for award of new Genius for the winner, award of the Hero for the first runner up, award of ACE for the second runner up, award of Champ for third runner up, award of superstar for the forth runner up and award of booster for the fifth runner up and collaborate through HONOUR an exclusive online networking platform for business and government leaders.

Through this program the WGC members will avail the reap following advantages and have an opportunity to benefit from:

  • New business opportunities across industries and regions
  • Up-datatation of global requirement of various products
  • Networking with the world’s leading business and policy experts
  • Industry-specific and cross-industry knowledge sharing
  • On line collaboration and experience exchange

WGC Membership
The Forum will selects companies on the basis of their revenue, growth rate, internationalization and leadership. Key selection criteria include:

  • Annual growth rate exceeding industry and regional average by 15%
  • Minimum turnover between250 Cr. or equivalent depending on the industry
  • Demonstrated growth potential
  • Capacity and intent to build a global business
  • Exemplary executive leadership
  • Gathering information & guidelines regarding the various policies of the State/ Central Govt. for setting up an industry & it’s promotion.

Nominate New Title Holders(Genius, Hero, Ace, Champ, Superstar or Booster)
To propose a candidate or nominate your own company, please fill in the online nomination form. A selection committee will assess all candidates and conduct due diligence.

Center for World Growth Companies
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