Honour- An Honour is a community that recognizes excellence among the leaders.

What HONOUR is –
HONOUR is an online community of world’s pioneers in various fields empowered in decision making equipped with knowledge and accessibility for acquiring the expertise in sharing knowledge and meeting and working with fellows HONOUR empowers a multistakeholder approach to addressing the most pressing business and global governance challenges.

HONOUR enables intersharing of ideas and suggestions between the members which is also a trademark® of Universal Development Foundation (UDF) a global network of world’s leading over 50 prominent leaders of the world’s economy for instance.
(i) Intercommunication Set-UP between the members.
Interact with the global community to share the expertise knowledge and interact with the global community.
(ii) Approach the global experts
Hunt for the targeted specific expertise and communicate with the world’s experts on various issues e.g. industrial, regional, economic issues.
(iii) Disaster management in crises.
Generating awareness among the masses & community with experts as well as resources of Universal Development Foundation (UDF) for reducing the clamities of the Disaster providing knowledge and rescue operations in the field of rehabilitation & reconstruction after disaster.
(iv) Accepting global challenges.
Through collaboration with the self formed community for overcomining the global challenges.
(v) Form an agenda.
Prepare an agenda of the community of Universal Development Foundation (UDF) and implementation during the meeting, sessions, discussions in depth over the burning global issues and assist to define number of on & offline HONOUR events round the year.

For whom is HONOUR

  • HONOUR comprises of world’s prominent personalities, Industrialist & CEO’s of reckoned companies .
  • Members of the Universal Development Foundation (UDF).
  • Prominent public figures , social workers, top, national & international leaders.
  • Young & energetic emerging global leaders below the age of 40.
  • Pioneers in technology.
  • Companions of Universal Development Foundation (UDF), number of national & international & industry experts.
  • Religious leaders, media leaders & social leaders.

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