Shri Tatya Baba


I appreciate the efforts of the Universal Development Foundation for implementation of their development programs in the peasant community and their remarkable initiative in reducing the agony of the peasants. I feel proud to be a part of HONOUR and I will assist in achieving the goal of the mission Universal Development Foundation by the blessing of Lord Sai Baba.


Tatya Baba a deciple of Lord Sai Baba Saithal Dham District Dousa Rajasthan.

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Tatya Baba is belived to be reinarnation of Tatya Ganpatraw kote patil who was popularly known as Tatya baba in the era of said Baba at Shirdi. Saibaba used to treat the mother of Tatya baba as his own mother and believed that Tatya is his younger brother and he said that he had come down all the way to Shirdi because of her.


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