Shri Mangi Lal Garasia Ji

Shri Mangi Lal Garasia Ji
Minister of State
Youth affairs & Sports (Independent), Primary Education,
Secondary Education, Labour & Employment
Govt. of Rajasthan


In the modern arena where the youth of the western countries including NRI youth are striving to explore new avenue for their carrier in the IT sectors, science, space & technology, medical & health care sectors. On the contrary the Indian youth particularly in the rural areas belonging to the deprived community lack awareness of carrier opportunity within and outside the country. The initiative of the Universal Development Foundation for inculcating awareness among the youth specially in the backward rural area and motivation of them to select modern sector of technology, medical & health services as their carrier and exploit their talent in the right direction. I appreciate the center for the world growth companies of the Universal Development Foundation for providing support to the emerging industrial giants and thereafter supporting them in emerging as a industrial tycoons of future which will ultimately bring a pleasant social change around the world together with economic & social development. The initiative to form a community of intellectuals, prominent social leaders, the experts of various fields, prominent public figures, emerging young and energetic leaders, technocrats, bureaucrats, social workers & spiritual leaders under program HONOUR which has provided a platform to these personalities to discuss and resolve burning issues unilaterally and generate mass awareness for a better tomorrow is really appreciable.



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