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The real change in Indian society is never going to come until Business enterprises, government, policy makers, spiritual leaders, political leaders, activist, social thinker and with all of them common masses come together and create a forum where they all can decide their united future.

I am very pleased to say that universal development foundation has gone ahead to create an united platform where each and every strata of society is represented to deal with the most important issues of India, that we call Development. Development of any society depends on how various segments of society work together to find a common goal, to find a common future that has a meaning for each and everyone while representing society of a nation.


I am also very pleased to see that Universal Development Foundation is going to work on Sustainable business promotion by creating community of world growth companies, which is a unique role what an NGO can play in developing countries like India, where with the growing population a homogeneous growth in Business enterprises will play a significant role in economic balance. I call it a socialist capitalism of 21st century.

My wholeheartedly wishes to Universal development foundation and its dream that has surpasses the boundary of human endeavor.


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