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  • Establish and make operational partnership strategies aiming at specific objectives to be realized together with civil society organizations, private sector, international financial institutions and multilateral organizations including the UN family. Mobilize resources through governments and private sector. Stimulate and host special initiatives that can widen UDF’ network; complement its mandate; attract additional funding; have UDF and partners effecting global policies and actions of other organizations and deepen its stakeholders and intergovernmental relationships.

Message of the Month - Vivek Ji

  The real change in Indian society is never going to come until Business enterprises, government, policy makers, spiritual leaders, political leaders, activist, social thinker and with all of them common masses come together and create a forum where they all can decide their united future.
I am very pleased to say that universal development foundation has gone ahead to create an united platform where each and every strata of society is represented to deal with the most important issues of India, that we call Development. Development of any society depends on how various segments of society work together to find a common goal, to find a common future that has a meaning for eac......


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